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18 Feb 2015

What can you do when all your options are gone? Your rent is due and you only have half of it because your roommate did not have her half. What are you going to do? You could try explaining to the landlord but you know it won't do any good. He will charge you late fees and could evict you if you don't come up with the money within the week anyway. You check your savings and you have 25 pounds. The rent is 700 pounds. Your credit cards are maxed and there is no one you can turn to for a personal loan.

The bank laughs!

You approach your bank to borrow 400 pounds and they laugh at you. First of all they do not make instant loans that small. The smallest loan they would consider is 5000 pounds. You have no interest in borrowing 5000 pounds and the bank also says you have not been on your job long enough to qualify for any kind of loan anyway.

What can you do when all your options are gone? Or are they? There is one option left and it is applying for a pay day loan from CushteeCash.

What is a pay day loan online and how would you qualify when you could not qualify for a bank loan?

A pay day loan is a short term, high interest loan of amounts between 100 and 1500 pounds. So it is a small loan to start with. That's a plus as there would be no question about the amount of 400 pounds. What else would you need to qualify for a pay day loan?

You need to be a citizen of the United Kingdom and you must be over 18. You must have an income and you must have a bank account - that account can be savings, checking or debit card. You are amazed to find out that is all you need in order to apply. Then you find out there is no application fee and no credit check. No call will be made to your employer. All you have to do is fill out a simple online application.

The best news is that the funds can be in your bank account in 24 hours or less. Wow. Now you can pay the rent and then work it out later with your roommate. This pay day loan can buy you time so your roommate can get her side of the funds together. So when you think you have no options don't forget that the pay day loan could be a really good choice for you.


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