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22 Feb 2014
The UK government requires car insurance for all cars that did not apply for Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). No car insurance means you cannot drive your car. You are probably finding it hard to find a car insurance you can afford, just like most drivers. This is why I am writing this post. I’d like to inform you what you need to know about car insurance and what tips you can apply so you can save yourself the extra and unnecessary costs.

Insurance Cover Types

The minimum coverage the UK requires and the most basic car insurance is the third party only car insurance. From the term itself, it only covers the third party. Let’s say your car collided to someone else’s car causing damage to both cars, only the damage of the other car will be covered. So if your car needs a bumper repair because of the whole thing, you will have to pay for it yourself. The third party fire and theft car insurance is a level up from the first one. Apart from covering for the third party, it will also cover for the costs if your car catches fire or it gets stolen. The fully comprehensive car insurance is the one that offers maximum coverage. It covers you for third party damage and injury, fire, theft as well as for your own injury and damaged car.

Car Insurance Policy Factors

When calculating a person’s premium, insurance companies like consider a lot of factors such as age, location, the car being insured and even gender among others. Young drivers are generally prone to accidents than experienced drivers so they are likely to make claims. This is why they usually have higher premiums. The make of the car has significant weight on the calculations as expensive cars will naturally cost a lot to repair or replace. There are other companies that take into consideration even the gender of the policy holder as men are conceived to make higher claims than female drivers. Ultimately, how much your premium would be depends on the provider and what factors they take into account. 

Your needs should be your major motivation when choosing an insurance policy and not the cost. The cheapest option may not be the best for you if you think it over. A third party only insurance when you have an expensive and brand new car could actually cost you a lot if you crash your car and end up repairing or replacing it. The rule is to pay for an insurance which covers costs you think you may not be able to shoulder in the event of an accident.


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