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18 Feb 2015

If you have gotten caught up in the pay day loan craze and you now have several loans hanging over you, what should you do? How can you manage your pay day loan(s)? Depending on how deep you have gotten yourself and how many loans you have the best thing to do is to plan a way to repay them without taking out any more loans.

Let's just use a hypothetical situation or two. Scenario number one:

A worker bringing home 700 pounds every two weeks has three pay day loans. The finance charge on all three loans is 25 pounds per 100 pounds borrowed. According to the website

  • Loan #1 is for 300 pounds and has been rolled over twice. The finance charge is 75 pounds. So the current balance is 375 pounds and he has...

18 Feb 2015

What can you do when all your options are gone? Your rent is due and you only have half of it because your roommate did not have her half. What are you going to do? You could try explaining to the landlord but you know it won't do any good. He will charge you late fees and could evict you if you don't come up with the money within the week anyway. You check your savings and you have 25 pounds. The rent is 700 pounds. Your credit cards are maxed and there is no one you can turn to for a personal loan.

The bank laughs!

You approach your bank to borrow 400 pounds and they laugh at you. First of all they do not make instant loans that small. The smallest loan they would consider is 5000 pounds. You have no interest in...

26 Feb 2014
If you have been desperately in need of money in a short period and you dint know what to do or you are in that position now here is something that will be worth your while.

Introducing pay day loans,

Take it as a short term loan given by a lender to a person for a short period of time, the borrower writes a postdated check with the amount of money he wants and an additional sum as fee, the borrower also pays APR- annual percentage rate, this is the cost of interest paid by the consumer on an annual basis as a percentage, the lender either cashes the check on the day agreed or the borrower pays cash on the agreed date and takes back his check. These days payday loans can be transacted online, borrowers fill in an...

22 Feb 2014
The UK government requires car insurance for all cars that did not apply for Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). No car insurance means you cannot drive your car. You are probably finding it hard to find a car insurance you can afford, just like most drivers. This is why I am writing this post. I’d like to inform you what you need to know about car insurance and what tips you can apply so you can save yourself the extra and unnecessary costs.

Insurance Cover Types

The minimum coverage the UK requires and the most basic car insurance is the third party only car insurance. From the term itself, it only covers the third party. Let’s say your car collided to someone else’s car causing damage to both cars, only the damage of the...

13 Feb 2014

Just three weeks ago, I had my first ever payday loan.  I was reluctant to have it but then I had no choice. My girlfriend’s birthday was coming. Got her a mobile phone deal as my present. I know I should have just waited when I have the money already but I did not want to disappoint my girlfriend. I had to give her something and so I convinced myself payday loan was a great idea at the time.

Long story short, I just borrowed some cash and I successfully paid everything yesterday. It was not at all a bad idea since I managed to pay on time. The interest does not seem so huge when you borrow a small amount. I am blogging just to give friendly reminders to those who will get their first ever payday loan.